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What is BUX Certified?

BUX Certified is a worldwide accreditation program recognizing the best of the best in digital banking.

Our mission: Make digital banking easier to use, more trustworthy, and used by all.

7 Reasons to Get Certified

  1. Improve the effectiveness of digital banking
  2. Obtain an independent validation of superior customer experience
  3. Drive more revenue by building consumer trust and confidence
  4. Gain a competitive edge
  5. Receive new insights to improve digital banking (and convince management to increase digital investments)
  6. Increase conversion, customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  7. Obtain the right to display the Excellence in Digital Banking seal

Recent Certifications

See who has been awarded the best of the best in digital banking.

We are delighted to receive an excellent certification from Fintech Labs and will continue to look for innovative solutions to enrich our members’ banking experience.

Gary Rodrigues

President and CEO, Star One Credit Union

How Star One Credit Union Became the First BUX-Certified Financial Institution in the World

Star One Credit Union is in an enviable position. Its Sunnyvale location, smack dab in the heart of Silicon Valley, gives the credit union access to many of the wealthiest people in the world. As a result, it has grown to be the tenth largest credit union in the country with more than $9.5B in assets, $6.6B in deposits, and 100,000 members…

What’s included?

  • Confidential audit against 400+ digital banking standards
  • Detailed scorecard, and list of strengths and weaknesses
  • Financial institutions receiving a minimum score of 80% may license the BUX Certified seal for 1 year
  • Recognition on the BUX Certified website
  • Marketing: Blog post template, social media template, BUX Certified logo, in-branch marketing material templates
  • Training material for staff and customer service reps
  • Press support: Press release template, quotes for your press release, Q&A with local reporters/bloggers

How to Become Certified

Banks and credit unions complete a short questionnaire.

We analyze your digital banking channels and grade them against our proprietary framework of 400+ digital contact points.

Financial institutions receiving a minimum score of 80% may display the BUX Certified seal for 1 year.